Asheea Smith, owner of luxury cosmetics brand Beauty by Asheea, launched the Essential Collection with love on August 28th of 2020. The premier collection embraces #nomakeupmakeup vibes, focusing on just 5 luxury products needed for fuss-free beauty. This includes Brow Fixx Tint & Shaper, Mentha Lip Balm, Maximize Mascara, Sheer Liquid Highlighter, and Vitamin E Lipstick. 

"Endless amounts of makeup is so 2020. Beauty isn't changing with the times. Many people are WFH, (gm, Zoom glam!) tied to a budget, or simply spending multiple (if not, endless) hours at home. Because of that, a simple flick of the brow, highlight of the cheek, and a moisturized lip is my go-to look day after day. I had to make these Essentials the focus of my first collection as it stays true to what makes me feel beautiful and is appropriate for our lifestyle. I wanted to create a focused line of quality cosmetics that are reliable, easy to apply, and easy to wear. It's a breeze to collect all 5. Every product is all-inclusive, created for makeup-lovers of every shade."

With a love for all things style & beauty combined with a sharp skill set acquired through the industry, FIT grad Asheea Smith has applied her expertise to her brand. All products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, allergy-tested, and non-comedogenic with ingredients you can trust. These products are perfect for achieving an effortless glow, whether WFH by day or going glam by night.

"I'm always digging for my most-loved products in a bag full of makeup I only use on occasion...I knew something could be done with that."

We love color, we love variety...however, it's the tried-and-true products I depend on the most! I'm always digging for my most-loved products in a bag full of makeup I only use on occasion. I knew something could be done with that. These Essentials promote face-first beauty, providing the effortless glow we crave. This beauty is defined by you.