Come See Queen Bey's Haircare Line, Cecred



Beyonce's dropping a new haircare line, Cecred, on Feb. 20. That's a hyperlink. Bookmark it, Bookie. 

I think it'd be a fun idea for us to get the first look together — so let's do it. The homepage is pretty busy. 

A team of stylists are seen working magic on a woman in stunning jewelry and obviously amazing hair. 100% giving a level of boss energy when using the product. 

There's a pretty pink rose, with what looks like honey, dripping from the petals. I love that as a concept. Physically, roses are extremely healthy and hydrating for both skin and hair. That in combination with honey in the formula could be iconic. 

You'll love this throwback photo of Beyonce in a salon chair with a stylist finishing the ends to her cornrows. We all know how Ms. Tina kept them girls singing in them salons...and she was the queen of braids through the late 90's and early 2000's. 

Love to see that her hair collection shares some foundation with her authentic experiences. 

I see an afro on the homepage....

It's a very pretty afro, but it's very soft, which I have to admit is making me suspicious. Will this product be trendy, or efficient for all textures? There's another set of curls, which are also maybe...3c curls (debatable ofc).

Science. Cecred. Ritual. 

At the moment, the homepage is pretty flat with some moving parts, but nowhere to click that leads you anywhere. However, there is a prompt for you to subscribe once the site loads, so get into it, yuh.

I'm looking forward to the formulas being well done with quality ingredients that cater to all hair textures. We love butters, leave-ins, curl puddys, deep conditioners, conditioning sprays, heat protectants, edge control...shoot.

Let's see what happens!



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